Real Estate Services in Greece

Apartments, maisonettes, detached houses, offices, shops, commercial/industrial facilities, plots of land.

“P. Moisiadis and Associates” Real Estate Agency, with its more than twenty five years of  experience in the Greek Real Estate Market and with many renowned clients throughout the country, offers the ideal solutions for:

  • Real Estate Searching for buying or renting
  • Real Estate Promoting for Selling or Renting


  • Residential use (apartments, penthouses, maisonettes, detached houses, land)
  • Professional use (offices, stores)
  • Industrial use (storage rooms, land, buildings in industrial A zones)

Property Evaluation

“P. Moisiadis and Associates” Real Estate Agency offers investment advice for income producing or long term benefit properties (future surplus value).

Set your criteria, search for the kind of property that meets your needs and contact us with any kind of question or information enquiry. We will be happy to discuss with you the kind of investment you are thinking about and find out what best serves your interests.

Get in Touch

The properties that are listed on our website are only some of those we have available. If you like to have a complete picture of all availability, or you wish to «dig» deeper and find out everything you need to know about a property you’re interested in, all you have to do is contact us.

Our highly qualified team of competent and knowledgeable professionals will bring you up to date with everything involved in a real estate deal, including financing, mortgages, titles, taxation, the legal procedures and home insurance quotes.

If you reside outside Greece, we can take on the negotiations on your behalf and proceed according to your needs and standards, based on our experience and deep knowledge of the Greek Market.